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What is Vibe Tickets all about?

Vibe Tickets is an open, transparent and free marketplace where real fans can exchange spare tickets for live events.

Our mobile app connect buyers and sellers via private chats, and we don’t add any transaction fees. We believe in free e-commerce yet we promote ethical ticket reselling and #GoodVibes !

Our community ethos is that it ain’t cool selling a ticket for profit . We ask that fans consider the consequences of their actions and put themselves in the shoes of a potential buyer who is asking our community for help.

Recouping the money you’ve spent on the primary market is cool. Profiting from the desperation of others will bring you seriously bad karma. You are warned!  We try to add value by helping our users make wise choices through #BeVibeSmart emails. Make sure you subscribe.

Buy: Vibe puts you in touch with real fans who are keen to sell their spare tickets. You can see the faces of the people you are buying from, make offers, and, perhaps new friendships  ��

Sell: If you are stuck with tickets you can no longer use, Vibe allows you to list them for sale in our app and make another fan happy. Vibe Tickets is completely free and does not charge any fees for selling a ticket. We are nurturing a community of ethical fans.


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