Wild, Wet 'n Woolly


Chryssie Burgess is owner of Health Balance and Wild, Wet 'n Woolly, both located in the light-filled studio B05 on the first floor.   Her twofold business offers you any combination of Complementary and Creative Therapy that eases your stresses, lifts your spirits and inspires your life.


As a felt-maker and textile artist through 'Wild, Wet 'n Woolly' Chryssie offers fun-filled workshops, courses and 1:1 tuition for anyone who loves to relax, explore and create. 


You can join her in the Storey wet-felting studio to make:

ˇ         Funky decorative Panel bags

ˇ         Seamless and swish Template bags

ˇ         Nuno decorative wraps or panels

ˇ         Perfect Pre-felt pictures

ˇ         Sculpted 3D bowls and vessels

ˇ         Textured art sculptures

ˇ         Balls, beads and bangles



As a professionally trained masseuse, energy balancer, and soul communicator through 'Health Balance' Chryssie offers you many routes to get back in touch with your own needs and to create for yourself a way forward that really 'fits'.  


You can experience a range of :

ˇ         Massage treatments, both clothed and unclothed

ˇ         Aromatherapy support with Essential Oils

ˇ         Energy Balancing massage, consultations and tuition

ˇ         Stress Management techniques

ˇ         Lifestyle Improvement programmes.


You can book with her in 3 Practice Rooms in the Lancaster area:

ˇ         Room B05 The Storey (clothed massage and all other treatments)

ˇ         Sibsey Street (all treatments)

ˇ         Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre (LU students/staff all treatments)


For further details www.chryssie-b.com

For enquiries and bookings chryssie.burgess@gmail.com    07815 466 006


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