'The Two Minds of Socrates'

VETO presents 'The Two Minds of Socrates''The night before his trial, Socrates is given a cell ...read

Origins - Exhibition

Start Date: 01 June 2017

End Date: 14 June 2017

ORIGINS - Exhibition
in the Storey Gallery   
1 June - 14 June

Open 10am-4pm (closed Sundays)

Free Entry

Two lads originally from Lancashire return to their origins with a group show that will engage and entertain you.
Ian Bateson is a digital artist now living and working in Vancouver, BC, Canada and John Sharp works with the chaos and surface texture of drawn and painted artwork. He is now living in Manchester.

Both attended the Lancaster Art School in the early 70’s and have enjoyed an international reputation in the fields of illustration, film, design and graphic art.

To view John Sharps work online visit -

To view Ian Batesons work online visit;
https://issuu.com/icreate or www.ianbatesonstudio.com

For more information you can email the artists at -
johnsharp_2000@yahoo.com & ibateson@icloud.com

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