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The Venus Papers - CANCELLED

Start Date: 15 July 2017

The Venus Papers - CANCELLED

A theatrical poetry show of arrivals, departures, landscapes and journeys
Written and performed by Lydia Towsey

The Venus Papers presents and offers up tales of 21st century women – every-woman, immigrant, refugee, outsider - in a time of social, cultural and political turmoil and change.

It starts from a question of What if Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, washed up on a beach at this moment in time? How would she fare with customs and immigration? With perceptions of her as a refugee or a newcomer? The show is about how we look - at ourselves, at each other, and the world - and how others influence the way we do so
Lydia Towsey is a poet and performer who has been featured on the Spoken Word All Stars Tour, Decibel, Freedom Showcase and Beyond Words’ U.K. tour of South African poetry. She has for the last six years been posing as an artist model, challenging notions of the ‘passive nude’.

"One of the new, intriguing voices of her time."
Jean 'Binta' Breeze, MBE
Absolutely spectacular” Poet in the City
Suitable for 14+

The Auditorium at The Storey  7.30pm

Tickets: £11/£9  Available from Lancaster and Morecambe VIC's 01524 582394/01524 582808


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